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Moral Maniacs vs Cultural Christians

Unless you are way back in the sticks with no wheefee or obliged to place your head in the sand, you may have noticed a bit of a culture war in America. Abortion, women’s right, gun rights, LGBTQIA issues, assisted suicide, police brutality, immigration, ethnic hatred and many more. These aren’t new issues, but having them thrust in our face day in and day out via social media is fairly new. Continual arguments on and on can be exhausting. I took six months away from Facebook this year and it was like the world calmed down. The problems didn’t go away but I wasn’t reading about or involved in the arguments everyday. Here is wisdom, “Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee..”

Why so much disagreement on right and wrong? Now this is a topic that can be debated itself, but I tend to agree with the notion that the confusion began to come in with the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. Prior to this time period America was overwhelmingly culturally Christian. Obviously there were many flaws within our society but the overarching moral compass was pointed towards truth of God and His word. After kicking God out of the morals of our sexual behaviors as a society we have continued to kick him out of every other. Christians are quick to point to this point and the growing immorality and condemn non believers and their “wickedness” as the main contributor to our moral decay.

Cultural Christians

The bigger part of the problem is cultural Christians. People who have been raised in church, or taught about God without ever having a personal relationship with him. A mental ascent to the knowledge of God, but never having surrendered their heart to him. Those walking in sin and talking in God. Those that worship God on Sunday, then cheat or lie to their bosses on Wednesday. Those that care about “In God We Trush” on their money, but don’t care to use any of that money to help the poor. Those ready to change their lives because a man kneeled at a flag, but not ready to change their lives because a man hung on a cross. Those horrified at not being able to say “Merry Christmas”,  but don’t bother sharing the resurrected Christ with a single person they meet during their day. Those sickened by abortion, yet cheat on their spouses. Those who would stone a stripper, then head home to watch some porn.

This is a basic feel for what I mean when I say cultural Christianity. Our society rejects this nonsense for the hogwash it is as well they should. This has led to a search for a new moral foundation. Christianity must be false because many of the adherents live fake lives goes the argument. It is a poor test of truth to judge Jesus by the actions of some of His followers, but such is the case.

Moral Maniacs

What becomes of morality when you unchain it from the objective moral law giver? When you decide that the God who defines right and wrong is no longer fit to do so? You are left looking for right and wrong within yourself. This mean that moral relativity floods in and every man does what is right in his own eyes. This leads to many inconsistencies and situations you see played out in our society today.

Folks arguing men should do more to protect women in cases of sexual assault while maintaining genders don’t exist. People who scream for women’s right, unless that woman is in a womb. People who want peace so bad they dress up in black clothes with mass while committing all sorts of violence to bring it about. People who would say I’m damaging my child by requiring her to hug her grandfather; then turn around and administer drugs to their child to prevent them going through puberty. Yes in the world of moral maniacs hugs are bad and drugs that lock a child in a mental state that ends with a 60% suicide rate are good.


What should our course of action be in such chaotic moral waters? REPENT. Our hearts grow hard and callous to things of God and the prompting of His Holy Spirit. Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.

Pray the love that held Christ on the cross be poured over you. Let it wash the dirt from our hearts and the logs from our eyes so we might wisely and lovingly address the specks in the eyes of our fellow Americans.

Fogging up the Truth

We live in a time and age as one of my favorite apologists Ravi Zacharias has put it, “where people listen with their eyes and reason with their feelings.”  This could be applied to our current system of information relay in this country. We see something on our TV, on our phone, or on a website and begin to think based not on logic, research and facts; but more on an internal subjective view. That view can vary wildly based on the viewer but generally must fall into one of two categories, true or false.

The very fact that all information must fall into one of these categories is the one thing that spurs on the attacks on truth. People don’t care about the truth. They care more about pride, being right, and being in moral comfort. This is easily demonstrated in politics. Folks on the left side of the bird justify murdering babies by calling them fetuses, and folks on the right side justify murdering world leaders and calling it liberation. Both sides call out the other for these actions but neither side tends to be against both of these actions.

Move away from politics though and turn to the public education. We can teach our children that every thing under the sun is right and nothing refused, except the thought that there is an ultimate right and wrong. What ruler are we using to determine that teaching children as young as six about sexuality is ok? If the leading thinkers (where they are leading is a scary thought) had been leading in the days of WWII the Nuremberg Trials couldn’t have convicted anyone. The men were simply acting according to the laws of their land.

There is a truth beyond what man says, there is an objective truth, there is an ultimate right and wrong and each of us will have to stand trial before that standard; not these ever-changing relativistic standards we are imposing on our people today. I see a lot of political posts filled with passion on my Facebook feed. Discussions back and forth sometimes very lengthy. This is good to have passion about defending freedom in America and maintaining traditional values. What I don’t understand is why there are not nearly as many passionate posts about the source of those traditional values. Why is the spotlight for many the American flag and not our savior on the cross of Calvary?

Our culture is decaying and rotting before our very eyes. It has been doing so since the 1960’s when the church decided to disengage from culture. A swelling festering infection of sin has grown and metastasized in our lands and the church has acquiesced to it more than stood against it. We must return to a land of moral reasoning. A land where we can identify that our creator endowed us with rights as free moral agents.

We must fasten again our culture to the anchor of God’s law or it will go wildly off base and murder millions more than it already has just like any other government who let militant atheistic thinking dictate policy.  The first church went to the synagogue continually to teach and preach the message of Jesus. They were continually on the offensive, engaging those Jews who did not believe in Jesus. There actions lead to more than one beating and imprisonment, but they counted the sufferings of this life nothing compared to the glory to come in the next life.

In a time of darkness, blaze a trail with the fire of truth.

Truth #1…..There is objective truth.


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I would like to submit to the court exhibit A, Americaveh. She is a nation in a dirty dress. Filthy, vile, and worthy of hell. Funny thing about nations, they are just like people. Filthy, vile, and worthy of hell. That goes for all of us. We play the harlot with the world and then hope God will wink at our sin. No honorable judge would say, you killed, stole, and destroyed; but you’re a decent enough fellow that I’m not going to punish you. This is however the judgement we expect of God.

There is a gavel soon to fall on Americaveh, and once the judgement is pronounced none will stay the bailiff and the orderlies from carrying it out to the fullest. What will stay His hand? What will sway His mind? REPENT.

“And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.” (Jonah 3:10) Obviously we can’t preserve our nation forever, the world has an end. We can however prolong the destruction of it through righteous living. Yes God eventually destroyed Nineveh, but the judgement was delayed because they repented of their evil works.

If you are reading this as a Christian ask yourself some questions. Where is my heart? What do I give my time to? How often do I pray, how often do I read my bible? Do I practice things that are clearly lined out as sin in the bible? If you are reading this as a non-believer ask yourself some questions. How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? Where are we going? Is there good evidence that I was created or that I grew up from space ooze riding on a comet? Have I honestly considered the claims made by the very real historical Jesus of Nazareth? How does his life impact my own and my answers to previous questions?

Let us all examine our hearts before the Lord and ask Him to show us our own wickedness. Repent of these deeds and turn to the Lord. You may object that you are in too deep and you have no way out, you simply aren’t able to stop committing the sins you are caught up in. I would whole heartedly agree with you. I’m not asking you to “stop sinning”, I’m asking you to let God show you how to start living.

Authors note: Americaveh was my play on Nineveh. I sometimes write odd things that I think in my head without any background for my reader, sorry about that.


Gospel on the Rocks

When is the last time you wept over your sins? When is the last time you bowed before a holy God and pleaded with Him to put in you a new heart. To not let you be deceived by the wickedness of your own heart, but that the Holy Spirit would guide you into all truth. If you can’t remember you’ve got a gospel on the rocks.

The Lord isn’t serving up mixed drinks folks. He is a holy God looking for a holy people. (2 Corinthians 6:17) The church today has become so intertwined with the world that you can barely distinguish between the two. Christians, why do we watch our brothers perish without a word of rebuke? “I don’t know how they would receive it. They may take it wrong and that wouldn’t be very loving.” Rubbish!

Is Jesus not our example? Is He not who we are striving to be like? Then will you just sit idly by while the world redefines who He was? This nonsense idea that Jesus accepted everyone exactly how they were. Take the woman caught in the act of adultery; what did He say to her? “Go, and continue living with a man who is not your husband for I love and accept you just how you are.” No, he told her very plainly, “Go and sin no more.” What did Jesus say to the Pharisees when they were upset that he was eating with publicans and sinners? Did He say for the Pharisees not to worry about it because He loved the sinners just how they were? No. He said that He had come to call sinners to repentance. (Matthew 9:13)

Go today, go kneel down before our God, the all consuming fire. Ask Him to melt you down and bring the dross to the surface so that it can be taken away and you can be pure. Why are we watching the same vulgar tv shows and movies as the world? Why are we listening to the same vulgar music as the world? Why are we inviting cancer into the temple of God through tobacco use? Why do we have churches recognizing homosexual pastors instead of helping them overcome their sin? Why do we have time for every single event the world has to offer, but we don’t have time to bow down before our Lord? If you are a faithful church goer and seem to be blissfully unaware of any sin in your life I beg you to wake up. If you were perfect already He would take you home, ask Him to show you your blind spots.

When church? When did we get so afraid of offending men that we thought it would be better instead to offend God.