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Is the Truth Worth It?

There are fights worth having, and there a fights that you just walk away from and let go. I’m wondering if the truth is worth having a fight over. Will you stand on an island and be bombarded by enemies for the cause of the truth?

Our society at present appears content on ripping its face in half. We are a house divided and we will not stand. People apparently are ready to set fires, assault one another, loot stores, and pepper spray those of differing viewpoints. Not the worst thing happening in our country today, but a sad sign of things to come none the less.

I am not going to make this post political. I don’t really care if you are a democrat or republican. Perhaps you are the noble independent who doesn’t play into partisan politics. Great, each and every one of you people need to stop and think about what the truth means to you.

Regardless of your particular thoughts on the political atmosphere of today; there is a truth that transcends left and right, gay and straight, black and white, pro-life and pro-choice, legal and illegal. That truth is Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. What does that mean for those of us that know the truth? Lets look at a few examples from the bible to see what is in store for someone who wants to rally behind that truth, for someone who isn’t willing to allow man to dictate to him what he must think or say, but someone who will freely worship Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

“Yea, and all that live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” (2 Tim. 3:12)

strengthening the souls of the disciples and encouraging them to continue in the faith. “We must endure many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said. (Acts 14:22)

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” (Matthew 24:9-10)

Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are being beaten, tortured, and killed by their governments and countrymen. We have an incredible freedom of religion in this country, but it doesn’t keep itself intact.

Regardless of the enemy of liberty, be it the left with their continual replacement of God’s moral judgements with their own; or the right trading freedom for the hope of security via an interventionist military across the globe…..someone should stand up for it. When our liberty is gone, so too is our liberty in religion. On the current path; within a generation or two we won’t have to worry about making it to church on time, because church will be a crime.

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3 Reasons I Left Facebook…You Won’t Even See #5

Happy New Year, and God bless. I hope your 2017 is starting out great. How are you doing with your resolutions? We are only a week in so I imagine the diets and gym memberships are still holding strong. How about you smokers? Stress got you down yet? Hang in there, the fight can be won.

2015 was my smoking resolution and if I made one in 2016 I’d say I didn’t achieve it because I don’t recall what it was. This year my resolution is to exit Facebook. I haven’t made up my mind if it will be forever or just for the year. If you made it to this blog off of Facebook it will be because I had my wife share it. Am I allowed to criticize the almighty blue “F” without everybody getting defensive?

People are funny. When you put it out there that you are a Christian and pleasing God is your goal; you’re actions and motives are suddenly suspect. Do the wrong thing and you’re a hypocrite. Do the right thing and you are ok, unless you take it too far and then you clearly think you are better than everyone else. For instance; when I say I haven’t drank since 2008 (All glory to God, by his grace and not my goodness) I usually hear, “Well that is good, but remember the bible just says not to be drunk; there isn’t anything wrong with a few beers.” These are the same people who will have to be sure I know that they aren’t on Facebook too much, and they just use it to stay in touch with family/friends, and to stand up for God against the army of wicked memes. This isn’t about any of you fine  Facebookians or the way you choose to spend your time. It is simply about a decision for me. I would encourage you just to ponder the reasons I’m leaving and ask yourself if you might want to curtail your usage any at all.

With all that being said, why the exit?

Reason #1: Time. I didn’t realize just how much time I was wasting mindlessly scrolling along.  I have been able to get a ton more productive things done this past week. Obviously it hasn’t been very long, but the difference is noticeable and I’m liking where it’s headed. Between this change and my wife’s knack for knowing what I need to be doing this looks to be a productive year.

Reason #2: Sensory Overload. I have found that I sometimes can’t silence the onslaught of memes, comments, and clickbait article titles bouncing around in my head. When you spend so much time connected, sometimes putting the phone down long enough to charge isn’t enough to disconnect. When I can’t quiet the noise even when going to pray or read my bible I take that as a good indicator I should probably just walk away.

Reason #3: Digital Bar. Facebook is like a digital bar. There are some fine folks there who just want to have a few drinks and socialize. The problem is the plastered girl shouting obscenities, the guy sharing memes of half-naked women, the girl sharing memes of half-naked women that somehow opposes the guy sharing memes of half-naked women (I’m as confused as you are by it, only militant feminists get it), the man and woman locked in a verbal death match over political policies, clowns, gorillas, memes making fun of fat people, people threatening to kill people sharing memes making fun of fat people…….I quietly “unfollow” my way to the back door and in the quiet sanity of reality ask a few friends, “You want to meet up somewhere else? This place seems a little crazy to me.”


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Fogging up the Truth

We live in a time and age as one of my favorite apologists Ravi Zacharias has put it, “where people listen with their eyes and reason with their feelings.”  This could be applied to our current system of information relay in this country. We see something on our TV, on our phone, or on a website and begin to think based not on logic, research and facts; but more on an internal subjective view. That view can vary wildly based on the viewer but generally must fall into one of two categories, true or false.

The very fact that all information must fall into one of these categories is the one thing that spurs on the attacks on truth. People don’t care about the truth. They care more about pride, being right, and being in moral comfort. This is easily demonstrated in politics. Folks on the left side of the bird justify murdering babies by calling them fetuses, and folks on the right side justify murdering world leaders and calling it liberation. Both sides call out the other for these actions but neither side tends to be against both of these actions.

Move away from politics though and turn to the public education. We can teach our children that every thing under the sun is right and nothing refused, except the thought that there is an ultimate right and wrong. What ruler are we using to determine that teaching children as young as six about sexuality is ok? If the leading thinkers (where they are leading is a scary thought) had been leading in the days of WWII the Nuremberg Trials couldn’t have convicted anyone. The men were simply acting according to the laws of their land.

There is a truth beyond what man says, there is an objective truth, there is an ultimate right and wrong and each of us will have to stand trial before that standard; not these ever-changing relativistic standards we are imposing on our people today. I see a lot of political posts filled with passion on my Facebook feed. Discussions back and forth sometimes very lengthy. This is good to have passion about defending freedom in America and maintaining traditional values. What I don’t understand is why there are not nearly as many passionate posts about the source of those traditional values. Why is the spotlight for many the American flag and not our savior on the cross of Calvary?

Our culture is decaying and rotting before our very eyes. It has been doing so since the 1960’s when the church decided to disengage from culture. A swelling festering infection of sin has grown and metastasized in our lands and the church has acquiesced to it more than stood against it. We must return to a land of moral reasoning. A land where we can identify that our creator endowed us with rights as free moral agents.

We must fasten again our culture to the anchor of God’s law or it will go wildly off base and murder millions more than it already has just like any other government who let militant atheistic thinking dictate policy.  The first church went to the synagogue continually to teach and preach the message of Jesus. They were continually on the offensive, engaging those Jews who did not believe in Jesus. There actions lead to more than one beating and imprisonment, but they counted the sufferings of this life nothing compared to the glory to come in the next life.

In a time of darkness, blaze a trail with the fire of truth.

Truth #1…..There is objective truth.


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I haven’t had a lightning bolt moment for a little bit, so I thought I would share it here. Do you ever start to despair when you see the chaos in the world? The level of immorality and injustice within our country, the rumors of war, the increase of earthquakes and natural disasters, the looming threat of a dollar collapse to drag the entire world economy down, racial tensions, baby chop shops, a religion/ideology with world domination as its goal, national laws that suppress religious freedom as well as laws that are contrary to the moral laws of God, continual pressure by our leaders towards global governance………(second thoughts about typing a joke about breathing into a paper bag because of the hyper-sensitive micro aggression crowd that may find that offensive to people who have panic attacks)…….

It can all be a bit too much to bear. Now come on Jeff, cast your cares upon Jesus and he will bear it for you. I in no way make light of that for it is truth; see the problem is the spirit is will but the flesh is weak. I am but a man of clay, and I have  a tendency to look down at the water. Will I be able to take care of my wife and children in the event of a catastrophe, what kind of future will my kids have, maybe there is coming a day where I will have to take up arms and defend my motherland, will I be carted off to jail someday for defending my King?

In all of those situations I sometimes find myself planning to maintain, rather than prosper. I want to hope for a good future, and I want to believe our dollar won’t crash, I want to think my kids will have the cookie cutter upbringing I did; but my heart doesn’t think those things are true. So it is between these two lines of reasoning that I have often found myself paralyzed. Go on with things as they are status quo work a job, plan for retirement, cast my vote and hope for the best; or go full-blown prepper mode and preach America’s doomed.

Insert Epiphany Here


That is pretty basic for an epiphany I guess, but the impact of that simple statement for me is revitalizing. I am free to live in that beautiful example. He knew the outcome. He knew that he had a date with a savage end. He went on healing and blessing and glorifying God in spite of it all. You see, it doesn’t matter if the end of the world is now, or in 5000 years. We have an example of how to live. Expect the world to hate you and sabotage you, but love them anyway. When you are facing certain doom and perilous times, praise God. In so doing you fulfill the Law of Christ and glorify God.

With that being said, get out there and love somebody who’s done you wrong. Keep warm, use the igniter.



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Left Unwittingly helps Islam

America’s knees are wobbling. She is near to going down for the count. Corruption within our government has played into the hands of anti-American leftist training in our colleges. The folks that tote these “America the Monster”banners have some valid arguments. Yes, we have greedy folks in business, yes the courts  deal out stricter sentencing to African Americans, yes there have been plenty of folks killed in the homosexual community, yes some cops have abused power,  yes there are racists in our country. All of these things are flaws we have as a nation and should be addressed, but they are not things that should destroy our nation. This is exactly what is happening before our very eyes though. Every time anything that has the ability to be the fault of the favorite left leaning  targets of  the  system, white people, or the rich; the internet is ablaze with their crosses. The media locks arms with politically correct zealots and crucifies a person or situation before ever knowing the facts.(Hands Up) Time drags by and when we find out the facts were in favor of  the system, white people, or the rich it no longer matters because we have already crucified six more people or situations at this point. Of course the ideas have to stay vague and some “out there” so that this problem of oppression and control can never be addressed or dealt with.

We have got to get together people. We are so busy fighting and arguing amongst ourselves about our morality or lack thereof that we are missing the bigger danger. I used to buy into the bit that the media has us all focus on boogey men terrorists so they can stir up patriotism to fund more wars. Maybe somewhere under that is a little bit of truth. Can I tell you today that Islam is not a boogey man? Can I tell you that these people want to rule the world? Christianity tells the gay man, “This is sinful, repent and be reconciled to God.” Islam tells the gay man, “This is sinful, you will be beheaded.” This is the lurking danger, this is what is creeping in. Look at Europe, that place is being dismantled and the culture eradicated. No guns needed, just math. The Muslims themselves tell us that they will breed us out. Their four wives having seven to eight children compared to the European having one to two children.

Shhh, careful now, don’t say too much. People might think you are a racist or an Islamaphobe. I am not a racist, but if by Islamaphobe you mean to say that I am in 100% opposition to the doctrines of Islam that fuel jihad, honor killings, and terrorism all over the world; why I gladly accept that hat. Look at the videos online of the “refugees” and the atrocities they are committing. Look at what will be headed to your cities and when your cities are full to your suburbs.

Sharia law for the globe is the end game for Islam. The Islamic flag flying over the white house has been the cry of many imams. Who will stand against such a plan? Between the migrants and the numbers game Europe will be a Muslim dominated land within the next ten years. While the left and their passionate but mislead millennials wage war on their own homelands foundations; Islam waits in the wings to rebuild it their own. Open your eyes, your slumber will cost you your very life.


I would like to submit to the court exhibit A, Americaveh. She is a nation in a dirty dress. Filthy, vile, and worthy of hell. Funny thing about nations, they are just like people. Filthy, vile, and worthy of hell. That goes for all of us. We play the harlot with the world and then hope God will wink at our sin. No honorable judge would say, you killed, stole, and destroyed; but you’re a decent enough fellow that I’m not going to punish you. This is however the judgement we expect of God.

There is a gavel soon to fall on Americaveh, and once the judgement is pronounced none will stay the bailiff and the orderlies from carrying it out to the fullest. What will stay His hand? What will sway His mind? REPENT.

“And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.” (Jonah 3:10) Obviously we can’t preserve our nation forever, the world has an end. We can however prolong the destruction of it through righteous living. Yes God eventually destroyed Nineveh, but the judgement was delayed because they repented of their evil works.

If you are reading this as a Christian ask yourself some questions. Where is my heart? What do I give my time to? How often do I pray, how often do I read my bible? Do I practice things that are clearly lined out as sin in the bible? If you are reading this as a non-believer ask yourself some questions. How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? Where are we going? Is there good evidence that I was created or that I grew up from space ooze riding on a comet? Have I honestly considered the claims made by the very real historical Jesus of Nazareth? How does his life impact my own and my answers to previous questions?

Let us all examine our hearts before the Lord and ask Him to show us our own wickedness. Repent of these deeds and turn to the Lord. You may object that you are in too deep and you have no way out, you simply aren’t able to stop committing the sins you are caught up in. I would whole heartedly agree with you. I’m not asking you to “stop sinning”, I’m asking you to let God show you how to start living.

Authors note: Americaveh was my play on Nineveh. I sometimes write odd things that I think in my head without any background for my reader, sorry about that.


Bathroom Bigots

I haven’t really wrote much concerning the cultural woes our country is having, so why not start. I need to cover a few ground rules. I must be adamant about this first point so pay attention; the LGBT activists who’s practices I will denounce in this post are the same people that I will be praying for to come to the Lord and walk in His ways. I must follow up with the clarification that to practice homosexuality/bisexuality/gender re-identification/or any other form of sexuality outside of a God ordained singular male to singular female is sin, and not walking in His ways. Anyone who teaches otherwise is deceived. With that being said, let us move on to the point of the post.

Are you aware of the heads that have begun spinning due to the attempts at getting some common sense laws passed? You know, say something to the effect of men not being allowed in the ladies room and vise versa? It has created an uproar in States like Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Out comes every social justice warrior with a keyboard to scream “Intolerance” “Bigots” “Racists” (I know gender isn’t a race, but I think racist is like a safe word for them, they just enjoy throwing it in there regardless of relevance)

0.3% or roughly 700,000 American adults identify as transgender. We are going to write laws that force 99.7% of the population to placate to their struggle? I sympathize with these people and their struggle of gender identity, but we can’t simply turn the world upside down because of it. What about the women and children in these restrooms. I don’t assume every transgender person to be a pedophile or rapist, but I certainly assume any pedophile or rapist to feign the life of a trans for the ease of targets. Do we care nothing for the trauma of rape victims, that we would put men in the restroom with them?

How often do we hear of the horrible corporations pulling the strings in Washington. All the lobbyists using their millions of dollars to advance their agenda. Now we have multiple corporations such as the NFL and Paypal among others doing the same thing. Where is the cry that big business has no place in politics and that corporations are hi-jacking our government? You don’t hear those arguments as long as the agenda being advanced is removing any acknowledgement of sin from our lives.

That is the bottom line, man is in rebellion to his creator. He wants no hint of authority above himself. Rather than subject ourselves to His authority and rules. We try to rule and subject reality to our rules. The further we go down this rabbit hole, the darker it will get. Lets wake up Christians. Quit worrying about games, social media, and leisure activities. We are going to have time for all that later on; lets get busy building His kingdom.