The People Under the Stones

“Shhh….they might hear you.” “Quiet down Laura, try to remember who has been doing this for 400 years and who has only been doing it for 75, thank you very much.”  “Oooh, they are singing and laughing; I love it when it goes that way.” “Are they gone? Do you have it? Ok, do it now.” Had I fallen asleep? Everything was dark. Now a rush of feelings was roaring through my body that was more intense and different than anything I have ever experience. Fire and ice intertwined together and coursing through my veins. Something was changed. I felt myself falling for a good two to three minutes. I landed in a giant pile of feathers. That was odd enough in itself, but the really odd part was that I had no idea where I was. I looked around this great chamber with its beautiful structures all sculpted from what appeared to be dirt. I tried to think of the last thing I could remember. I was driving home from work, it had been a long night but the sun was shining bright. I was listening to some talk radio concerning a recent earthquake in Italy and then what? My trip down memory lane was cut short by two splashes in the pile of feathers now beside me. “That never gets old.” said the man popping up out of the feathers. “Welcome, we are glad to have you.” “Where am I?” He looked around the chamber, “Laura, should we put a sign up? North American Eastern Region Afterlife Waypoint. Has a nice ring to it.” I laughed nervously, “Really though, where are we, a better question would be how did I get here?” The woman approached me and took my arm, “Walk with me as we talk. You have many questions, and I have some answers.” We made our way out of the chamber and down a giant tunnel. As we walked more people joined us coming from other tunnels, each with their own guide walking with them. I felt like I was watching a movie. She explained how I died, if I hadn’t been such a cheapskate and bought a coffee maybe I wouldn’t be on this walk. Laura and the man who’s name she never revealed were harvesters. When Christians died in their zone, they would tunnel their way up to the coffins and cut out the bottoms leaving the person to fall the 500 miles to the chamber and feathers waiting below. “What about paradise? What about heaven? How am I even alive right now, I thought my spirit would be in heaven?” She assured me that I was in paradise. “You are able to reason and speak by the presence of His spirit. The feathers were only placed their to help your mind adjust to your new body. You fell 500 miles, feathers are good; but not that good. Your spirit is in heaven being prepared for it’s final union with you and our Lord. Continue walking these tunnels and you will find yourself directly under the city of Jerusalem. That is where the large majority of us have decided to wait on the end of time and the final trump. I marched on alone, confused, and hopeful.


Disclaimer: This is a completely fictional piece for fun and imagination. In no way is this a representation of how things will unfold when you die, for that kind of thing, consult your bible.

Second Chance at Wisdom

“Enjoy your school days, they will be over before you know it.” If you are out of high school and/or college you have surely heard those words. If you are still in school you probably have heard them and disregarded them. Looking back after 13 years out of high school, I wish I would have listened to the people telling me how fast it would go.

Don’t fret though, I’m going to offer you a second chance at wisdom here today. One small stipulation though, I’m only offering it to you poor saps with offspring. That may seem a little unfair, but life always is, and thank God for that.

Let me say it plainly even though you have heard it before, “Take time to play with your kids.” Put down your phone, turn off your television and interact with them. I can only speak from the experience of someone who has an almost six year old little girl. I don’t know when the time will come that daddy isn’t her hero anymore or that she doesn’t want daddy to carry her to bed or snuggle, but I know it will come.

I can’t mark on a calendar the day she won’t ask me to play anymore, but the folks who have raised their own kids can tell me it’s coming. I don’t ask my mom or dad to play anymore. (even though I did put together a puzzle with my mom the other day) The point is, if you missed your shot at listening on the school advice, don’t miss this kid advice.

You have one chance to be an impact in your child’s “child” life. Sure you will have interactions as a young adult, and an adult; but you can never go back to these magical foundational years. All of their memories are being made right now, are you a part of them?

Will they remember that you played with them? Or will you be remembered for saying, “Some other time, not right now, or as soon as daddy finishes blah blah blah.” I know of only two things your children should take a back seat to. The first is God, and the second is your spouse; after that everything else can wait. Make time for them, teach them things, play with them, pray with them, read to them; raise good stewards of this earth and fine citizens of this country. Most important of all, love them.