I haven’t had a lightning bolt moment for a little bit, so I thought I would share it here. Do you ever start to despair when you see the chaos in the world? The level of immorality and injustice within our country, the rumors of war, the increase of earthquakes and natural disasters, the looming threat of a dollar collapse to drag the entire world economy down, racial tensions, baby chop shops, a religion/ideology with world domination as its goal, national laws that suppress religious freedom as well as laws that are contrary to the moral laws of God, continual pressure by our leaders towards global governance………(second thoughts about typing a joke about breathing into a paper bag because of the hyper-sensitive micro aggression crowd that may find that offensive to people who have panic attacks)…….

It can all be a bit too much to bear. Now come on Jeff, cast your cares upon Jesus and he will bear it for you. I in no way make light of that for it is truth; see the problem is the spirit is will but the flesh is weak. I am but a man of clay, and I have  a tendency to look down at the water. Will I be able to take care of my wife and children in the event of a catastrophe, what kind of future will my kids have, maybe there is coming a day where I will have to take up arms and defend my motherland, will I be carted off to jail someday for defending my King?

In all of those situations I sometimes find myself planning to maintain, rather than prosper. I want to hope for a good future, and I want to believe our dollar won’t crash, I want to think my kids will have the cookie cutter upbringing I did; but my heart doesn’t think those things are true. So it is between these two lines of reasoning that I have often found myself paralyzed. Go on with things as they are status quo work a job, plan for retirement, cast my vote and hope for the best; or go full-blown prepper mode and preach America’s doomed.

Insert Epiphany Here


That is pretty basic for an epiphany I guess, but the impact of that simple statement for me is revitalizing. I am free to live in that beautiful example. He knew the outcome. He knew that he had a date with a savage end. He went on healing and blessing and glorifying God in spite of it all. You see, it doesn’t matter if the end of the world is now, or in 5000 years. We have an example of how to live. Expect the world to hate you and sabotage you, but love them anyway. When you are facing certain doom and perilous times, praise God. In so doing you fulfill the Law of Christ and glorify God.

With that being said, get out there and love somebody who’s done you wrong. Keep warm, use the igniter.



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Left Unwittingly helps Islam

America’s knees are wobbling. She is near to going down for the count. Corruption within our government has played into the hands of anti-American leftist training in our colleges. The folks that tote these “America the Monster”banners have some valid arguments. Yes, we have greedy folks in business, yes the courts  deal out stricter sentencing to African Americans, yes there have been plenty of folks killed in the homosexual community, yes some cops have abused power,  yes there are racists in our country. All of these things are flaws we have as a nation and should be addressed, but they are not things that should destroy our nation. This is exactly what is happening before our very eyes though. Every time anything that has the ability to be the fault of the favorite left leaning  targets of  the  system, white people, or the rich; the internet is ablaze with their crosses. The media locks arms with politically correct zealots and crucifies a person or situation before ever knowing the facts.(Hands Up) Time drags by and when we find out the facts were in favor of  the system, white people, or the rich it no longer matters because we have already crucified six more people or situations at this point. Of course the ideas have to stay vague and some “out there” so that this problem of oppression and control can never be addressed or dealt with.

We have got to get together people. We are so busy fighting and arguing amongst ourselves about our morality or lack thereof that we are missing the bigger danger. I used to buy into the bit that the media has us all focus on boogey men terrorists so they can stir up patriotism to fund more wars. Maybe somewhere under that is a little bit of truth. Can I tell you today that Islam is not a boogey man? Can I tell you that these people want to rule the world? Christianity tells the gay man, “This is sinful, repent and be reconciled to God.” Islam tells the gay man, “This is sinful, you will be beheaded.” This is the lurking danger, this is what is creeping in. Look at Europe, that place is being dismantled and the culture eradicated. No guns needed, just math. The Muslims themselves tell us that they will breed us out. Their four wives having seven to eight children compared to the European having one to two children.

Shhh, careful now, don’t say too much. People might think you are a racist or an Islamaphobe. I am not a racist, but if by Islamaphobe you mean to say that I am in 100% opposition to the doctrines of Islam that fuel jihad, honor killings, and terrorism all over the world; why I gladly accept that hat. Look at the videos online of the “refugees” and the atrocities they are committing. Look at what will be headed to your cities and when your cities are full to your suburbs.

Sharia law for the globe is the end game for Islam. The Islamic flag flying over the white house has been the cry of many imams. Who will stand against such a plan? Between the migrants and the numbers game Europe will be a Muslim dominated land within the next ten years. While the left and their passionate but mislead millennials wage war on their own homelands foundations; Islam waits in the wings to rebuild it their own. Open your eyes, your slumber will cost you your very life.

Smarter Than He Looks

The title is directed at the one and only Jason Posey(that I know). Being the guy he is I’ll bet he can appreciate the title. Now the question at hand, why do I think such a thing about Jason? He said some words to me a long time ago that have clung to me. Twice in my life I have given totally into the power of sin and desires of my flesh to live in a manner contrary to the commandments and teachings of my Lord. The first time I repented and recommitted my life to the Lord was somewhere around 2004.

The excitement and joy of the work God had done in my life was just overflowing. If you were talking to me, we were probably talking about Jesus. (A place I would like to be in, but a little more effective. A fire outside the stove will burn down the house.) I was telling Jason what all had happened and how great things were now and what great things I was going to do for the Lord yada yada. He told me that was all great, but the true testimony would come in time. In two years are you still serving God, what about five or ten?

Somewhere in the 2006 area I ended a relationship and decided I would console myself with a bottle of Crown Royal. Now obviously I had some issues going on and some blind spots leading up to this, but this was the defining moment. From that bottle I went on another two-year sin binge. I wasn’t particularly addicted to anything I was drinking or taking, but it did help numb my mind to any thoughts of God.

After repenting and since having a faithful relationship (by faithful I mean continually striving against sin, not that I don’t sin) since 2008 I can look back and see he was just a little bit smarter than he looks. He knew that going back and forth and playing games with God brings reproach and that people see right through that garbage.  These mistakes are easily avoidable….die daily. Never think you don’t need to worry about this sin or that sin. Pray for and help those who are struggling, don’t ever forget the dirt God has pulled you up out of to look down your nose at some other filthy pig. Everyone needs some grace, everyone needs some mercy, everyone needs a day one. Today could be yours.