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Have you noticed how righteous the whole country is during an election year? Not to mention they turn into a bunch of mind readers. As a white evangelical Christian (which I think is a bad word now) I’m not sure I would know what I believed if I didn’t pop into Facebook and let the people who are either supporting Hillary; or bashing anyone who would dare to vote for either one of the candidates define it clearly for me.

The latest jargon is to roll out this “the Mormons have a higher moral standard than evangelical Christians” garbage argument. Let me explain something to the super left here and people who have convinced themselves that they can form and fashion the God of Abraham and Issac to their liking and serve Him anyway they see fit; Mormons aren’t Christians. They believe in somebody who is a brother to satan; that is not Jesus Christ God in the flesh one person of the triune God.

Now that I got that out lets move on to this idea of the moral high ground. I clearly can’t support Hillary who has demonstrated over the years that she has zero regards for human life, the sanctity of marriage, national security, or the truth in just about any situation. My original vote was for Dr. Ben Carson, after he withdrew I voted for Ted Cruz. He had taken on the establishment before; had a ridiculously strong constitutional platform, and was a fellow Christian. Now I am left with this wild card Donald Trump.

He has been a known friend of everyone in the establishment status quo, he has no experience with government, and he has some very (trigger warning for blind Trumpites) deplorable character flaws. I in no way shape or form condone the things that have been brought to light about him recently.

I can admit things that the people on the right need to learn how to do in the right attitude, and the people on the left need to learn to do period….I have deplorable character flaws. Such is the nature of man, we are flawed.  If someone had taken something I said eleven years ago you could have found me in some very precarious situations. Now obviously my hope for Mr. Trump would be that he would repent of those things and walk towards God, that doesn’t seem to exactly be the case though.

He has on the other hand unlike Hillary claimed to support pro-life legislation, mentions supreme court justices who believe in the constitution, and claims he will support religious freedoms. Could that all be lies for votes? Absolutely. Does it make sense for me to say, well I better not vote  for Donald because he is immoral, knowing full well that either he or she will be my next president and I will be governed by them for the next four years? Knowing that the justices they appoint will possibly govern for the next forty years? No, I will go out and vote for someone who has made a claim to try to do some good for our country.

The third-party nonsense doesn’t hold water, get in touch with reality, we have a two-party system for all intents and purposes. If you want to change that get off your laurels and start impacting people. Work within your local governments to build up to a state level, then start groups in neighbor states and grow. You need to have a twenty year forecast to go from non-existent party to viable presidential option, but sitting around complaining about our two-party system isn’t how it gets fixed.

One more thing while I’m simply rambling on; as for racism and injustice in our system…..#BLM is deplorable. Not every person who adheres to their views, but those that do who really know what they are pushing. Have you gone to their website and read their purpose? I love my brothers and sisters in this human race be they coal-black, paper white, or any hue between. There are legitimate things that are going on in our courts that should be addressed, but the idea of burning down towns and beating up white people to accomplish those goals I will not support.  #RSWOV (Racial solidarity without violence) why don’t one of you passionate folks take that right there and start a movement, that I could get behind.

Sorry for the length and topic of the post, blame it on the ills that come of living in a day and age of continual social media; I better do myself a favor and go on a digital fast.



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Is Your Life Full?

I walk in to a sanctuary with heavy burdens and worries. I join with fellow believers in a time of corporate praise of our God. What happens in this passage of time that I press pause on everything else and join the choir around the throne of God; my life is filled. All of a sudden it occurs to me that every word He spoke was true. He takes my burdens and gives me rest (Matthew 11:28), I am transformed by the renewing of my mind (Romans 12:20). Death has no sting (1 Corinthians 15:55), and I will not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

You don’t need a next big thing to fix you. There is no event horizon to advance to. No station in life, no significant other, no degree, no friends, no material possession, no set of principles or rules; absolutely nothing in this world will satisfy you and fill you. You were created to be loved by Him. Until you walk in this love you will be empty. We are wicker baskets outside of a relationship with Christ. No matter how much  your pour in, you always return to an empty state.

I will boast of my God, not for anything I have done, for God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) but because of the good standing I have with my heavenly Father in Christ by grace through faith He has saw fit to bless me. (Ephesians 2:8) What is that blessing? Well it is multi-faceted and covers every bit of my life at the cross, here in time, and in eternity; but I will give you a snippet of it right here:

Part of that blessing is being able to live in a land where I may freely join with other believers and praise God, more than that though is a  little hand. A little hand inside of mine. That little hand connected to a daughter of God that He saw fit to place in my care. He has trusted me to train her up in the way she should go. (Proverbs 22:6) What an honor and a privilege, let no man neglect the rearing of the little one’s that God has entrusted him nor cause them to stumble in coming to know Christ. Think on this father’s, Jesus said it would be better for you that you sleep with the fishes then face those consequences. (Matthew 18:6)

The Lord wants you to enjoy this life, please understand you can’t truly do that without Him.





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