Fogging up the Truth

We live in a time and age as one of my favorite apologists Ravi Zacharias has put it, “where people listen with their eyes and reason with their feelings.”  This could be applied to our current system of information relay in this country. We see something on our TV, on our phone, or on a website and begin to think based not on logic, research and facts; but more on an internal subjective view. That view can vary wildly based on the viewer but generally must fall into one of two categories, true or false.

The very fact that all information must fall into one of these categories is the one thing that spurs on the attacks on truth. People don’t care about the truth. They care more about pride, being right, and being in moral comfort. This is easily demonstrated in politics. Folks on the left side of the bird justify murdering babies by calling them fetuses, and folks on the right side justify murdering world leaders and calling it liberation. Both sides call out the other for these actions but neither side tends to be against both of these actions.

Move away from politics though and turn to the public education. We can teach our children that every thing under the sun is right and nothing refused, except the thought that there is an ultimate right and wrong. What ruler are we using to determine that teaching children as young as six about sexuality is ok? If the leading thinkers (where they are leading is a scary thought) had been leading in the days of WWII the Nuremberg Trials couldn’t have convicted anyone. The men were simply acting according to the laws of their land.

There is a truth beyond what man says, there is an objective truth, there is an ultimate right and wrong and each of us will have to stand trial before that standard; not these ever-changing relativistic standards we are imposing on our people today. I see a lot of political posts filled with passion on my Facebook feed. Discussions back and forth sometimes very lengthy. This is good to have passion about defending freedom in America and maintaining traditional values. What I don’t understand is why there are not nearly as many passionate posts about the source of those traditional values. Why is the spotlight for many the American flag and not our savior on the cross of Calvary?

Our culture is decaying and rotting before our very eyes. It has been doing so since the 1960’s when the church decided to disengage from culture. A swelling festering infection of sin has grown and metastasized in our lands and the church has acquiesced to it more than stood against it. We must return to a land of moral reasoning. A land where we can identify that our creator endowed us with rights as free moral agents.

We must fasten again our culture to the anchor of God’s law or it will go wildly off base and murder millions more than it already has just like any other government who let militant atheistic thinking dictate policy.  The first church went to the synagogue continually to teach and preach the message of Jesus. They were continually on the offensive, engaging those Jews who did not believe in Jesus. There actions lead to more than one beating and imprisonment, but they counted the sufferings of this life nothing compared to the glory to come in the next life.

In a time of darkness, blaze a trail with the fire of truth.

Truth #1…..There is objective truth.


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The Tomb

It’s dark, but incredibly warm. I feel so alive, but I know that can’t be true. There isn’t enough time for that to be true. A sea of loneliness, but your love comes through. Interconnected through this divide, gratitude abounds for what you provide. The clock ticks, and that’s what I hate. A better time and this might be death’s empty plate. Instead he waits to have his meal; the table’s set let’s make a deal.  A savior I thought moves into position; I’m torn apart, good physician?

She called me a Troll…And She was right.

If I speak in the tongues of men and angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1

So I was having a back and forth over some political junk with someone I generally disagree with on just about everything.  She proceeded to inform me that I don’t listen and I should stop trolling her. I immediately poured one last little sip of logic in my mug and tried to figure out how I could be a troll if I’m always on my own feed. A troll is a person who goes to your page or a certain website and just continually a hassles you. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on her homepage before. After searching through numerous posts it hit me. I only commented on her stuff to disagree. She never commented on mine.

I thought I was doing the right thing. She has a very different worldview than mine and I have a genuine concern that she will one day come to the knowledge of the Lord, why not speak up in his defense to provocative memes? (Disclaimer: This particular meme had nothing to do with religion, it was strictly politics) Why not try to share the truth with this person? I want them to see the truth and have a relationship with Him. I imagined I would occasionally comment on her posts, that would lead to discourse, and that would eventually lead to the truth. Then the Lord decided it was time to take me to task over my troll ways.

Boom in my chest, instant conviction. I started to see how I can’t just be blasting truth to people when there isn’t relationship. That is annoying and detrimental to building relationship. I realized I had been quick to point out the negative things, but failed to develop any of the positive things. At this point I’m asking, “Lord help me understand how to love  people while they’re on the road.” Then I am undone. He ratchets everything to a breaking point and the tears race for the beard. You fool, you’re on the road. Once again I’m left despising the fact that I’m always the publican looking down on the sinner beating his chest. Just can’t get away from it. Muhammad Ali nature, “I’m the greatest!”

So then He starts showing me how the only difference between me and her is that I’m in a place of submission to Him. That has not always been the case. He loves me just as much now, as he did when I was in rebellion against Him. He loves her just as much now too. I know not very many people read this blog, but the one’s that do know I have quite a history of being….an unsavory character at various times in my life. The only thing any different is that I gave all that to Jesus and he has given me  His righteousness. That is how God loves me on this road. That is how I’m going to love others on this road. By all means, never surrender your principles and always stand for the truth; but in your hating the sin, don’t forget to love the sinner.

I doubt she read this, I think I got the old unfriend; if you did…..thanks.


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Jesus and the Line in the Sand

I have been reading a pretty good book called Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It has been pretty eye opening in some of the problems I have with setting boundaries in my life. I’m pretty good at respecting the boundaries of others; I just have a tendency to not set many of my own. This passive aggressiveness coupled with some good old fashioned Christian kindness can lead to some miserable situations.

Do you have problems setting up boundaries? Are you able to tell people no without feeling guilty? Hey, would you like to go do this? Hey can you give me a hand doing this? Do you have time to take care of this? These are questions I usually won’t say no to without a scape goat floating around to pin it on. I would love to, but I have such and such going on, or I definitely would.

Not only is this style of interaction with others fake, but it isn’t healthy for your own life. Jesus wasn’t just a yes man to the masses. He would help them out, then when he was exhausted, he would just dip out. No explanations, no excuses, just a simple “He withdrew Himself from the crowd.” He slipped away and spent the time that all of us need alone with God. I think a lot of us in the name of trying to be a good Christian hit the mark on the “good” and totally miss on the “Christian”.

While helping others and giving yourself to other people is commendable and certainly something our Lord wants us to do, we have to seek first the kingdom of God. That means learning to say no to others and yes to God. You can tell people yes, yes, yes and be a great moral person who doesn’t have one bit of a powerful relationship with God. It takes time to grow and develop our relationship with Him. There are no shortcuts through.

Remember, Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves; not love our neighbors instead of ourselves. Satan will try to trick those of us that struggle with boundaries into seeing it as selfish to tell someone no we won’t help them with this or that burden. You have to realize that if you take the burdens that someone else is intended to carry you keep them from getting stronger and you overload yourself and stop your progress. Just some things to chew on if you’re passive aggressive like me, get out there and give someone a nice firm “NO”.


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