Second Chance at Wisdom

“Enjoy your school days, they will be over before you know it.” If you are out of high school and/or college you have surely heard those words. If you are still in school you probably have heard them and disregarded them. Looking back after 13 years out of high school, I wish I would have listened to the people telling me how fast it would go.

Don’t fret though, I’m going to offer you a second chance at wisdom here today. One small stipulation though, I’m only offering it to you poor saps with offspring. That may seem a little unfair, but life always is, and thank God for that.

Let me say it plainly even though you have heard it before, “Take time to play with your kids.” Put down your phone, turn off your television and interact with them. I can only speak from the experience of someone who has an almost six year old little girl. I don’t know when the time will come that daddy isn’t her hero anymore or that she doesn’t want daddy to carry her to bed or snuggle, but I know it will come.

I can’t mark on a calendar the day she won’t ask me to play anymore, but the folks who have raised their own kids can tell me it’s coming. I don’t ask my mom or dad to play anymore. (even though I did put together a puzzle with my mom the other day) The point is, if you missed your shot at listening on the school advice, don’t miss this kid advice.

You have one chance to be an impact in your child’s “child” life. Sure you will have interactions as a young adult, and an adult; but you can never go back to these magical foundational years. All of their memories are being made right now, are you a part of them?

Will they remember that you played with them? Or will you be remembered for saying, “Some other time, not right now, or as soon as daddy finishes blah blah blah.” I know of only two things your children should take a back seat to. The first is God, and the second is your spouse; after that everything else can wait. Make time for them, teach them things, play with them, pray with them, read to them; raise good stewards of this earth and fine citizens of this country. Most important of all, love them.

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