Sprinting is fine, but life is a marathon

I walked briskly for almost 7 minutes and I’m winded. This is both comical and sad as I reflect on just last year running two miles no problem. What happened Jeffrey? Sprain your ankle? Have some really bad circumstances in your life that anybody would understand you not working out? Nope, just got lazy one day. (I think a pack of dogs is fighting a bunch of turkeys; who could focus?) 

That was just a brief paragraph that doesn’t back up the point of my post and only relates in as much that it had to do with running. The point I want to make is that sprinting is a great way to gain ground quickly, but it can be your enemy if you are in a long range situation. This just in: “Life” found by new study to be a long range situation. 

Attacking while you’re wounded (next blog topic) and sprinting after your enemy can both be detrimental to your health, just ask Asahel (2 Samuel 2:18-23). Our finite life spread across a timeline of eighty years of your blessed to see so many is a small thing compared to eternity, but in light of a week or a day it is quite the journey. 

Have you ever just sat back and thought, “Lord Will I ever be the person you want me to be? Will I ever walk out the personal purpose you have for me in this life?” I have asked those things. I so easily forget that God isn’t a genie and I’m not in a movie. After three weeks training in the snow, a cut scene of me with the family, and some inspirational music while I laugh with my mentor I won’t be ready for the battle. Walking this life out with the Lord is a journey and it’s going to take years to get where I’m going, but I’m going.

Sprinting is hard of course and has its momentary merits, but sprinting comes to an end. You tire and you faint. I started this blog sprinting. Anxious to simply “DO” something, anything for God. As I’m wearing down and panting He’s trying to say, “Son, you don’t have to do anything, and what you’re trying to do there is all wrong anyways. Stop, calm down, come over here and let me heal you up and love you. Love me, and the doing will handle itself.” If you are trying to get fruit to show up on the branch of your Christian walk you may be like me, missing the point.

Heard a guy say he was tithing his time, this can be more precious than money. A person can write a check or drop some money in a plate and then go on about their life without a thought of God. Give Him your time, that is what He wants and that is what we need.

“No no, not those sticks there, they burn too quickly.”

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