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Da Best!

Color the eggs, bake the bread, feed me more of the ham I said! Another trip around the sun has brought us back to the most monumental holiday in the Christian religion; Easter. I apologize to the folks who can’t handle me calling it Easter. Pagan religion, fertility goddess, bunnies and eggs equal lot of reproduction; got it. I just so happen to not equate the holiday to any of that unless the bunnies are chocolate and the eggs are painted. If you do then you probably want to avoid it all together because anything not from faith is sin.

Now that I’ve got past the word police I can address the fact that this holiday is the most amazing of any we could celebrate. This is the moment that all humanity must address and decide how it will impact their present and their future. The day that Jesus conquered death and walked out of the tomb. The risen Christ. This is the crescendo of life’s symphony. The cross is foolishness to so many though because they don’t have a foundational concept of creator God.

I heard it explained in such a way as this; America was founded on Christian principles that guided our laws and education system. The bible was taught in school, this was common place. Our society as a whole understood the concept of original sin from the first human Adam bringing death to our entire race through our very nature. We inherit the sin nature because we are of that very same nature; any one of us in the garden under the same circumstances would have eaten from the tree and disobeyed God.

We lack any means to make ourselves righteous no matter how desperately we try. We have more in common with Hitler than Jesus when it comes to righteousness. This is why we need a savior. We tend to minimize God’s eternality. When you sin once against an eternal God the punishment must be eternal for their to be justice. While hell was not created for mankind, it is the only fitting place for us to be sent when we sin against God. Otherwise God would not be a just judge. The equivalent of giving a murderer a two month sentence. It just isn’t right. (Note right and wrong have no bearing if God doesn’t exist)

Our Messiah took that death-blow, that punishment for our sins upon himself on the cross so that we could be reconciled to a relationship with God minus the barrier of sin. He took on our sins and gave us His righteousness. This is the free gift that God offers each of us, to take our place upon the cross and endure God’s wrath.

Now if we put our faith in Jesus and that was the end of the story I suppose we would all thank Him for that enjoy our lives and return to dust at the end of it. This isn’t the end though it is just the beginning. This same Christ that died on the cross for your sins by the power of God was raised from the dead. He conquered the power of death. That same power that raised Him up from the dead will raise us from the dead also. In this we take comfort, in this we take hope. Our loved ones are not gone forever, we are connected to everyone throughout history that has believed in the work of our resurrected Lord on the cross and we will know them all in the life to come. He has promised us that we will live forever with Him and not perish.

That is why this is the most amazing of all the possible holidays in the world. It combines our greatest need (payment of our sin debt to a holy God); with our greatest want. (A life that knows no pain, nor sorrow, nor evil, nor sin, nor ending) This all comes together between the cross and the resurrection. Please, please, please take some time to stop and think on who this man was and what this event means if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”¬† -Jesus

Gospel on the Rocks

When is the last time you wept over your sins? When is the last time you bowed before a holy God and pleaded with Him to put in you a new heart. To not let you be deceived by the wickedness of your own heart, but that the Holy Spirit would guide you into all truth. If you can’t remember you’ve got a gospel on the rocks.

The Lord isn’t serving up mixed drinks folks. He is a holy God looking for a holy people. (2 Corinthians 6:17) The church today has become so intertwined with the world that you can barely distinguish between the two. Christians, why do we watch our brothers perish without a word of rebuke? “I don’t know how they would receive it. They may take it wrong and that wouldn’t be very loving.” Rubbish!

Is Jesus not our example? Is He not who we are striving to be like? Then will you just sit idly by while the world redefines who He was? This nonsense idea that Jesus accepted everyone exactly how they were. Take the woman caught in the act of adultery; what did He say to her? “Go, and continue living with a man who is not your husband for I love and accept you just how you are.” No, he told her very plainly, “Go and sin no more.” What did Jesus say to the Pharisees when they were upset that he was eating with publicans and sinners? Did He say for the Pharisees not to worry about it because He loved the sinners just how they were? No. He said that He had come to call sinners to repentance. (Matthew 9:13)

Go today, go kneel down before our God, the all consuming fire. Ask Him to melt you down and bring the dross to the surface so that it can be taken away and you can be pure. Why are we watching the same vulgar tv shows and movies as the world? Why are we listening to the same vulgar music as the world? Why are we inviting cancer into the temple of God through tobacco use? Why do we have churches recognizing homosexual pastors instead of helping them overcome their sin? Why do we have time for every single event the world has to offer, but we don’t have time to bow down before our Lord? If you are a faithful church goer and seem to be blissfully unaware of any sin in your life I beg you to wake up. If you were perfect already He would take you home, ask Him to show you your blind spots.

When church? When did we get so afraid of offending men that we thought it would be better instead to offend God.