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Disengage for Love

I’m sure there are  hundreds of “unplug” articles floating around the world wide webs so I figured I would give you one more. It seems like such an easy thing to do, but then again I’m typing one on a computer that you’re reading on a phone or computer.

Too many nights go by at my house that we watch a television show while we watch videos on our phone or peruse facebook. A lot of the time what is on the television isn’t even important, just that it is there with its calming background noise.

The wife will show me a video that I never seem to find as funny as she does, and I will show her something that she will either tell me to turn off or look at me blankly as if to say “so what?” Funny how two people that are so completely different in tastes and opinions can come together so beautifully in holy matrimony, and people say God doesn’t exist.

The point is that we are only interacting at a base level. We aren’t experiencing the deepness and vast potential of the intimacy that God intended in a marriage.  We are casting the most precious gift we have down the toilet, our time.

We have roughly three hours in the evenings where the kid is in bed and we are both still semi-awake. Many times this is just wasted on silly shows and social media. How much greater would the return on my time investment be if my wife and I were praying together, studying the word together, or doing anything that would bring glory to the Lord besides just numbing out our minds?

I understand that many men and women feel like, “This is my me time. I have been mommy, daddy, worker, etc. all day and now this is my time to relax.” What wonders will the Lord work when we give Him our “me” time. When we say Lord I’m tired, I’m wore out, I really just want to veg out in front of the tv or phone; but you are a holy God and worthy of my worship.

With God’s grace, some prayers, and a little bit of never surrender attitude we can all move a little deeper into His presence and His invigorating joy by denying our “me” and putting it on the cross.

The hour is late, the night is dark, but the Fire is here.