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Karen’s Nightmare

Karen awoke in a chilled sweat. Her sheets around her soaked. Her husband remained undisturbed and snoring. Karen decided to go downstairs for a glass of milk to try and shake this eerie feeling. As she tip toed downstairs she paused to admire some family photos. She and her husband Rodney had three wonderful boys. Those boys were her entire world. She was so thankful the abortion had impacted such a small part of her family. Being content with her three boys she had Rodney “fixed” they liked to joke. She would never have to worry about a choice being made again. Karen hadn’t thought of any of it for so long, but over the last few weeks she had been having the same dream over and over. In the kitchen she had a small glass of milk and made her way to the couch to collect her thoughts. The dream played through her head step by step of that day.

As Karen was led into the clinic she remembered hearing all the yelling. Everything seemed muffled but bits and pieces came through. “Choice” “Life” “Laws Change” and “Murder” seemed to be words that stuck out, once through the doors everything was quiet. The people inside were much more friendly and willing to help. She felt alone and confused through the whole process. Her mother was there with her which made it a little more comfortable, but awful at the same time. The prescreening seemed to take an eternity. There were talks of adoption, finances, hopes, dreams, and career goals. This all faded into the background when it came time to make her final choice with the doctor. Only her mother’s words remained, “This is my life, I have all the right to make this choice.” It hardened her will to do what she must under the light of the evidence she had. Her last memory of the actual procedure was the cold of the forceps. Three days later she emerged from the clinic in the arms of her loved one’s. She made her choice, mom and dad were proud. Her birth mother’s howls and protests only an echo, she was disposed of humanely and her organs donated.

I Dr. Meechin, record Karen’s story and others like hers in hopes to set the record straight at my own peril. The New Liberty Party has outlawed any form of speech that critiques their actions. The final freedoms fell quickly in our country. My hands are dirty in all of this as a former abortion doctor and active fascist fighter, or so I thought. I was their on the front lines. Every pro-choice rally, every gay pride parade, every gender neutral petition.  In 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States made a monumental power grab by overturning the will of the people and rights of the states by redefining marriage. We knew it wasn’t technically lawful, but we were right and we knew it.

By 2017 we had achieved regulations enforcing and protecting the transgendered community. Anyone who failed to acknowledge humans by their sex they self identified and instead presumed their biological sex to be the determining factor of their gender was silenced, fined, and/or jailed. At this point I patted myself on the back for the new era of social justice I had helped usher in. Over the next few years society adjusted and adopted these new polices and norms. The boundaries just kept moving though, things never really settled down. Marriage had been redefined numerous times and was now more of an oddity than anything meaningful. I remember one of the stranger marriages being between 163 college students and their professor. I didn’t technically agree with this idea, but in order to maintain my principles of equality and love I supported their rights to marry.

When the man to beast marriages started to be sanctioned by the state I tried to speak up that we were perhaps taking things a bit too far. We needed to have some sort of standard. I fell prey to the same vitriol and hatred I used to spew at rallies and protests. Some of the people I walked arm in arm with waving rainbow flags accused me of bigotry. I had nothing to stand on, no point of reference from which to call anything wrong or immoral. 2025 saw the abolition of all sexual laws as these laws by their very nature were deemed oppressive and damaging to human development. The DAD bill (Delayed Abortion Decision) is why I left the abortion practice. After aborting my first four year old I knew my humanity was gone. The DAD bill had allowed up to five years for parents to make a decision on abortion. This was touted as the bill that would protect any child from ever being told they were a mistake or an accident. With the erosion of any kind of moral absolutes or objective facts our society had brought itself to a ledge.

The New Liberty party came on the scene as the government party that could save us, pull us back from the ledge. It is this doctor’s humble opinion that all they did was toss us off. The rode the GOD bill to power. The “Generations Only Decisions” bill declared that the state would handle the human rights involved in generational pregnancies and the continuation of the human species. All women found to be pregnant would be required to attend abortion clinics ran by the state. This would satisfy both the pro-life and pro-choice sides. All the current laws would remain intact and all acts were permissible but anytime life was conceived in a womb the state immediately had jurisdiction and power.  The woman would make a choice, but so would the baby. The woman had three choices prior to conception. Celibacy, Contraceptives, or any Non-Life Inducing sexual acts. The baby had three options that would be played out live on the ultrasound.

If the mother wished to keep her child she still needed the baby to choose her. If she wanted to abort the baby, the baby needed to consent. The baby could remain still and accept the abortion; squirm away showing a rejection of the mother’s abortion choice; or grab or kick the doctor’s instrument indicating a decision to abort the mother. The government always gives more weight to the babies’ decision as a higher potential source of tax revenue than a female already a quarter or so of the way into her life.

I’m hopeful that some future generation can turn it all back around. That they can restore peace between woman and child; restore marriage between man and woman; restore love between God and mankind. I fear though that we have sunk too far. As of this writing on May 3, 2031 over 1.2 million American mother’s have been aborted.